Hitting Reset

There is a treadmill at my gym that seems to have a mind of its own.  Some days, I can walk an hour straight with no mishaps.  Other times, it will act unpredictably, stopping on its own after a random eighteen minutes, or turning off completely just when I’m hitting my stride.  I’m not sure […]

Imagining the Impossible

My dad has worked my entire life in a steel fabrication shop, cutting and welding together heavy plates of steel to make other things.  Why do I tell you this?  Neither to offer my credentials in the “blue collar American” category nor to brag on my dad for being the hardest working person I know […]

Water Slide

Grasping onto futility is painful. Letting go affords less pain, but frequently more fear. So we decide in that “rock-and-hard-place” place to hold on…or to let go. I never considered myself a control freak and most people who know me would hopefully say the same. But when the heat is on, the spirit of control […]

New Pastures

There’s a farm near our house. For my agriculture-inclined husband, it’s the perfect escape from our sweet townhouse community. For me, it gives me all the happy feels of rural living without actually having to do any of that rural living stuff. I’m essentially buying time until our inevitable move to a farm one day, […]

I Hope God Never Asks Me to Do That!

by Joy Greene FEAR!  I’m pretty sure we all struggle with it from time to time.  We are fearful of many things:  public speaking, being diagnosed with a terminal illness, losing a loved one, financial hardship, spiders, snakes, and the list goes on. What about you?  What are you afraid of? I wonder if in your walk […]

What’s Your Why?

I’d never have imagined in my wildest dreams that I would’ve become a professional soccer player for 9 years. I’ve been extremely blessed and been able to live out my dream. In 2007, I was drafted 5th overall by the New England Revolution. That same year, we won the Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup. I […]

Prayers for a New School Year

Our school starts here in ten days.  T.E.N. DAYS.  We are approaching it with both excitement and disappointment.  The kids have excitement over the newness and fresh start.  They also have disappointment that the carefreeness of summer is actually over.  Secretly, I do love the schedule and routine that it brings.  My kids get up […]

Childhood Unplugged

I bet you read the title to this post, and thought I was one of those no-technology, stick-to-the-outdoors sort of moms that somehow get their toddlers to eat vegetables at every meal, and don’t even have televisions at their houses.  I’m definitely not one of those.  My family has regular movie nights, where we watch entire movies, […]

What Is That In Your Hand?

Last year a close friend invited me to accompany her to a church service that I don’t normally attend. Mike Pilavachi was speaking. I’d never heard of him before but he is a co-founder of Soul Survivor  and apparently he’s very well known in evangelical circles in the UK. The theme of his message was “What is that in […]